Sunday, April 15, 2012

1 Month Old

Yesterday was Avery's 1-Month Old Birthday! I already have a feeling that seeing our baby girl grow is going to be bittersweet. On one hand, it's so exciting to see how she is growing and changing, watching her little personality develop and all watching all of her milestones - rolling over, smiling, crawling, etc. On the other hand, I want her to stay little forever so I can soak in every little bit of her sweetness. Everyone says they grow so fast and after only 4 weeks, I know everyone is right. 

Our sweet Avery is our pride and joy. Every sound that startles her, every expression she makes or new outfit I put together we think is so adorable and have to document it through a picture and/or text. I never thought I could love a little babe so much in my life. She is in my every thought - even if it's just for a quick Target run. 

So a little bit about Avery's development over the last month: 
I wrote a post awhile back about things she likes but, as always, as she ever-changing and accomplishing more each day. Avery is an incredibly good baby. I know that most moms and dads think their children are and maybe we are a bit biased but we get told the same thing from most everyone that knows her. 

She is very content, especially in the morning. After I have fed her and changed her I can lay her on our bed and she will talk and move her hands and legs and just take in all her surroundings. Like most babies, she loves fans, windows, blinds...anything that has a good color contrast. Sometimes if she starts fussing and I've been holding her awhile, I just lay her down on the couch and she is content to stretch out and look around. BUT she also has a limit of how long she wants to lay here. You know this by the fake cry she does that sounds almost like a cough at first that gradually becomes more of a cry. I have to laugh a little when she does that. :) Her fussy time, if she has it, is usually late afternoon/early evening. 

Avery is a GREAT sleeper - I'm convinced she gets that from me! At night she sleeps anywhere from 4.5 to 7 hours at a time. Our normal routine if she wakes up throughout the night is: Greg gets up to change her (unless he has had a long day at work and needs the sleep, then I'll change her), I nurse her, burp her, swaddle her back up and put her back to bed. Some nights she falls right to sleep after she eats, other nights I lay her back in bed when she's wide awake. Either way she seems to fall right back to sleep. On a rare occasion, she will be fussy when we put her down. We either give her a paci (which she LOVES) or turn on a little white noise. The earlier in the morning she wakes up, the more likely she is to want to sleep in. Sleeping in for us is anywhere from 9:00-10:30. During the day she takes a mix of 2-hour naps and cat naps. Cat naps can be 10-20 minutes long, if that. Totally something I do, too. 

She has really started focusing on objects for longer period of time. She loves to have conversations where you either take turns talking or you mimic the noise she makes. She loves saying her 'aaa's' and 'eee's' but not her 'ooo's' or 'uuu's'. We do a lot of singing and she enjoys songs like Itsy Bitsy Spider or Patty Cake because they involve touch and stimulation. She really likes her rattles but hasn't gotten the concept of shaking them on her own. We have started doing tummy time on the floor on her mat. Depending on the day she doesn't mind it but when we turn to lay her on her back, she loves the hanging objects (of course for maybe 10 minutes).

Greg and I joke that Avery has a defense mechanism against people or surroundings that are unfamiliar - she 'sleeps'. I have sleep in quotations because we don't believe it's true sleeping. An example of this was Easter at my grandparents - everyone wanted to hold her and meet her. But she slept pretty much from the time we got there till when we got back to Lincoln. She would occasionally raise an eyelid but that's about it. I kept telling everyone she is usually so alert during the day because she is if it's just me and Greg. She also stays awake and talks with my mom but, again, she knows my moms voice since she has seen her so much. This mechanism makes me laugh and I am curious to see if she does it next week in KC.

Lastly, she has outgrown most all of her newborn outfits but doesn't quite fit into 3-month clothes either. So if I can find 0-3 month stuff that seems to be better. 

Sweet angel baby

At mom's doctor appointment

I love the big butterfly on my play mat!

Trying out my crib!

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