Monday, March 12, 2012

Tea Time & Inducing?!?

I decided to give one more natural inducing method a try this weekend in another attempt to get things going...Raspberry Leaf tea! I never used to like tea until my yoga instructor served it after class this past winter. Now I actually like it - but only the sweet ones, nothing too funky. And of course, it didn't work :)

Please excuse the 'no makeup look'. Greg had some pomegranate tea because he said his throat has been scratchy...perfect timing, right? :/

Also, today was almost-41 week appointment - WTH?! I never thought I'd make it 'til now! No more progression and everyone in the office was shocked to see me again. Dr. Scott said that she doesn't have her patients go past 41 weeks and asked which day this week I wanted to be induced. I didn't really know I had a choice! I chose this Wednesday, March 14th so that Greg would have an extra long weekend at home with us next week. I have a lot of emotions right now - makes everything a lot more real knowing EXACTLY when baby is coming. As I drove back to work with the windows down, all I could think about was that next week at this time baby and I could be taking a walk in the stroller that has been in Greg's trunk for over a month!


  1. Hey Libby! I saw your mom today in church and she told me you are a mommy now! CONGRATS! And then I went to facebook and had to see some pictures. Wow. Brought tears to my eyes. And THEN to top it off someone mentioned that you had a blog and i was like- SWEET! someone else to cyber stalk. So here I am now. You were completely adorable preggo and I can't wait to see some of the three of you together.
    God Bless,
    Kim (Hilger) Lepper

  2. Hey! Thank for joining the blog!