Monday, March 5, 2012

Sov's Shower

Saturday was Sarah Sovereign's bridal shower. She is having a peacock-themed wedding and the decorations at the shower were adorable! She received lots of awesome gifts and it was fun to catch up with everyone there. Most people were surprised to see me not sporting a little car seat on my arm as I walked in - myself included. I cannot believe Sarah's big day is approaching in a little over a month!

Lots of gifts!

How fun!

The bride with a few of her sister-in-laws!

In other news, I think I tried to do everything imaginable to get Baby Haus to come out this weekend - I ate spicy foods, went on walks, even scrubbed our hardwood name it and I tried it. Still no baby! Apparently she is very much like her daddy and is content with where she is right now. 

Speaking of Greg, I have to post this picture that cracks me up:

We went to Home Depot on Saturday night and I can't tell you how funny it is to watch Greg in that store. He is truly like a kid in a candy store. He's always finding new tools and thinking of little projects he can do around the house. Loves putting things together - even as a little boy he said he did. His parents would hear him at night trying to get out the legos when he was supposed to be asleep! Next projects on the home improvement list: he is finishing the wine glass shelves in the kitchen and building pull-out drawers for our pots and pans. Then this morning he said he wants to build a birdhouse for baby. I love this guy - he is my handy man!

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