Thursday, March 1, 2012

39 Weeks

Have you ever had one of those days where you could cry at the drop of a pin? Seriously, I feel like if someone even looked at me weird the tears would start flowing. This burst of emotion has everything to do with my 39-week appointment today.

Leading up to the appointment I was very excited - last night I started having some warm-up contractions and really felt like labor was around the corner. I couldn't wait to hear if I had made any more progress. I was also excited because Greg was off work today and was able to come. When we got to the appointment we ended up waiting for over an hour (yes, I sat on the table with a little blanket covering my bottom half for almost an hour...AWKWARD). 

Finally when the doctor came in, she checked my cervix and I had made no progress :( Also, she informed me that loosing my plug last Friday and my warm-up contractions last night weren't really an indication that labor was close...great. However, I must say that icing on the cake was when we were wrapping up our appointment and she informed us that she would be out of town next and wouldn't get back until the 12th...therefore she will be gone past my due date, which is the 10th. I had to hold back the tears. She was gone last week and now gone the week I am due. 

I know that things happen for a reason but with this being my first birth it would've been nice to have had my own doctor deliver my baby who I have been seeing these past 9 months. Everyone has said it's really the nurses that matter and who knows, maybe I will be late and she will deliver baby after all. But nothing like springing some serious last minute news on me! With as much anxiety as I already have about labor, this doesn't help. It seriously has just been 'one of those weeks'... 


  1. The anxiety is understood and it reminds us back to a time when a little guy named Greg was delivered by a stand-in doctor. Look how great he turned out! It will all be good and cannot wait to meet our first grandchild!!! Love the blog and much better than FB. Love, Scott

    1. Greg had mentioned that! This baby is following in his footsteps!