Sunday, February 12, 2012

Our Weekend

Our weekend has consisted of a lot of relaxing! Very much something I have needed given the crazy work week. I have been desperately trying to finish up what I can at work before maternity leave starts. Since my plan is to work up until I go into labor it's hard to know when my last day really will be!

Given my last doctor's appointment I have been fretting about what needs to get done at work, around the house, etc. So Friday night Greg and I decided it was time to begin packing our bags for the hospital. We packed baby's bag a few weeks ago and what should have been a quick thing ended up taking 2 evenings. All of the new mommy questions kept popping up - What will the weather be like? If it's cold she'll need extra blankies and her fleece coverup! Should we bring her swaddle blankets? I want them to be washed and to match her outfits! How many hats should we bring and what about headbands?? The list goes on...I finally just put everything in her diaper bag and called it good. 

I decided to get creative on Saturday and use up some leftover things we had in the fridge and ended up making berry cobbler. We kept one pan at our house and brought the other pan over to the Bernhardt's as a thanks for having us over Saturday evening. Michael & Erica Bernhard had their first baby, Ryker, on Labor Day last year and it was the only the 2nd time had got to see him. He was such a cutie and I love picking Erica's brain about baby stuff. She is a huge book junkie and I consider her the 'guru' when it comes to breastfeeding, bedtime, exercise, baby toys, etc.

And today? I have decided that it's necessary for me to savor these last few weekends all to myself, which means I stayed nestled in our bedroom until about noon before deciding it was time to get up and move around. There's nothing like a relaxing Sunday to get me ready for what lies ahead this week.

Bags ready for the hospital...check!

My berry cobbler baking. Tastes great when it's warm with some vanilla ice cream...just sayin!

     Michael & Ryker playing with his Kindle. Such a smart little guy!

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