Sunday, February 26, 2012

Chops Wrestling Meet/Sandy's 50th

Yesterday Sara and I had a little date which started with going to support Chop at his wrestling meet - he is an assistant coach at the middle school he teaches at. Next year he will be the head coach! We will definitely have to continue to attend and cheer on his school.

After the meet we grabbed lunch and met Beck and her family to watch her try on wedding gowns. I couldn't believe how packed places were until we realized that most of the girls there were trying on prom dresses. Saying 'yes to the dress' is certainly an experience everyone should have but with all of the people at the stores, it was crowded and hard to have your time. I was glad I got to go and at least see what she was envisioning - Beck will be a beautiful bride :) 

I was pretty lucky when it came to picking my dress. I knew I wanted something very original. My mom, sister and I went to 2 different bridal stores before I knew that what I was looking for wasn't going to come from a traditional bridal store. So instead we went to a local boutique in the Old Market that sells wedding dresses but usually only 2 or 3  at a time. When we saw the dress in the window, we all just knew that was a "Libby dress". Of course I had moments leading up to the wedding were I second guessed my decision but looking back I am sooo happy that I chose what I did and it fit the venue and the day perfectly.

Yesterday evening Greg and I attended Sandy Wagner's 50th Birthday Party. The Wagner's are like Greg and my second family. We celebrate birthdays and holidays with them, Steve sold us our house and Sandy even helped me with wedding stuff. Every summer we look forward to spending our weekends at the lakehouse relaxing and having a good time. I am so thankful to have them in our lives. Anyways, the party was a blast and it showed how many people love Sandy - the place was packed! We all dressed up and wore black and pearls. Greg even said 'I like dressing up, I wish we had more parties like this!'. Kaleigh and Ally also flew in from Washington for the event and Kristin came up to help babysit Henry and Wyatt. Even though I came home crampy and tired, I keep thinking about how much fun we had catching up with everyone and how lucky we are to be a part of the Wagner family. 

Chop's team was in the black/orange..they came out placing 4th!
My sexy hubby and friend
Love these girlies...the only good pic of me from the night!
Greg managed to get me a piece of the cake :)
Birthday girl!

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