Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Blog Hiatus

I haven't posted a blog in almost 4 months...major fail on my part. Trust me, I had all the intentions to blog over the holidays but time just got away from me. Needless to say, we have been extremely busy in every aspect of our lives. I could probably write a short-fiction novel talking about what we've been up but it's so much more fun to show it through pictures:

What we've been up to:

The Blake's were married on November 4th! Greg was a groomsmen in the wedding and had a blast. 
Who will ever forget Father Andy?!

Love this picture of the couple :)

Greg's 25th Birthday was November 8th and we celebrated with our typical happy hour at Old Chicago. What started as a few beers ended with nachos, pizzas, shots and.....

an impromptu game night at our new place!

I also gave Greg a guitar for his birthday. As you can tell by the photo, he was pretty stoked.  He is learning a few tunes AND attempting to sing along to them. I even found a few lyrics he wrote one day!

Thanksgiving in Tulsa - the weather was unbelievably beautiful. This was my "my normal clothes barely fit but I'm not ready to wear maternity clothes" stage. 

The Haus ladies on Turkey Day!

Ugly Sweater Party 2011. The tradition of the 'awkward family photo' began 3 or 4 years ago when Sara & I thought it would be a good idea to find Christmas turtlenecks to wear to the bars. The four of us wore them out and took random/awkward pictures all night. Now it's a tradition to get a photo like this every Christmas. I know, we're strange. But that's just how we roll.

Our tradition - Greg putting the star on top of the Christmas tree. With our cathedral ceilings in the living room, I am hoping to get a big, full tree for next year :)

Christmas at the Richter's! Plenty for gifts for all!

Every year mom & dad give us an ornament - this year Jon got the National Lampoon's one. Classic. 

New stockings to hang over our fireplace!

Everyone in their 'special spots'. I just like how my dad is wearing a scarf in this picture and Charlie is enjoying his special treat from Greg & I.

The Haus' come for New Years! Everyone was excited to see how much my belly 
had grown since Thanksgiving.

The trip wouldn't be complete without playing some board games. Greg, of course, is trying to explain 
the rules to everyone!

This is how the Haus boys rang in the new year - sitting in our hot tub with cigars and beer in hand. 
Boys will be boys!

I celebrated my 26th birthday on January 26th - also known as my Golden Birthday! Last year I had visions of a themed party or something of sorts but being 8 months pregnant put a damper on that idea. However, the evening was still a great time! My friends Sara & Ellen set up a group dinner at Biaggi's with one rule: everyone had to wear gold in honor of my golden birthday. I loved it :)

          Greg (with the help of his friend, Cole) painted the kitchen green AND the upstairs bathroom 
a gray-ish neutral color.

Daddy is hanging baby's poms & pendants over her crib. I found a good tutorial on Pinterest for making the poms. They sure took a lot of time. My mom and I spent an entire night making just 2 of them.

Officially a blizzard....on the day of my baby shower.  February 4th was the scheduled date of my baby shower. Greg, my mom and I woke up at about 7:00AM to find the backyard covered in snow. With the brunch scheduled for 10:30 that morning, we knew that it would be dangerous for guests to travel. So we decided to postpone the shower until Sunday (which worked out fine). The three of us made the most of our snow day by catching up on TV shows and staying in our PJ's!

On February 2nd my office threw a Surprise Baby Shower for me! It was the coolest thing ever. 
It was held in the Pasta Amore Party Room and boy did they spoil me and baby!

                 The cake was delicious - mmmm!

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