Friday, February 24, 2012

38 Weeks

This Friday night is very surreal...I am writing my blog and Greg is working on his fish tank (this new obsession) as we listen to Bon Iver and enjoy each other's company. I have been so anxious this week about baby's arrival. We are almost there! Now it's just the waiting game. Greg's family has been texting asking how I'm feeling, my mom told me her bag is packed...everyone is getting excited!

At my doctor's appointment this week the doctor said I am still 2 centimeters dilated but now 85% effaced. Hopefully she isn't like Greg and wants to stay in there 2 weeks past her due date!! I was 2 weeks early so maybe she will be right in the middle. Baby has been making us laugh this week - we've noticed that when she's sleeping she sticks her little bottom out about as far as physically possible and crams her feet into my left side. My tummy is not so round anymore, but odd shaped since there is very limited space. I have also officially gained the 35 pounds that the doctor said I would gain and man do I feel like a house!

With spring so close to us, I have also found a new addiction that neither healthy nor shopping for post pregnancy clothes! It's become a strange addiction. Sometimes my mind seems to wonder and before I know it I am on all of my favorite clothing websites envisioning outfits which then leads me to making unnecessary purchases - especially because I have no idea what size I will wear after baby!? It definitely doesn't help that I am now at a point in my pregnancy that I have about 4 staple outfits that I feel comfortable in. With only a few weeks to go, I suppose things could be a lot worse :)

Top Left: CWS 2010; Top Middle: Sara's Graduation 2009; Top Right: We're Engaged! 2010
Middle Left: Taco Ride-Tied Dyed Style 2010; Middle: Peter Pan & Tinkerbell, Halloween 2009; Middle Right: My Bridal Shower; 2011; Bottom Left: Bonfire at Crystal Lake; 2008; Bottom Right: Tulsa Football Game 2009

I have really been lovin' finding photos for this! Brings back so many fun memories! 

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