Friday, October 14, 2011

Moving, 18/19 Weeks Pregnant, Etc.

I haven't blogged in awhile because these last couple of weeks have been beyond chaotic. Sooo this is going to be a long post!

On Wednesday, October 5th I had my monthly doctor appointment. The doctor told me that I was 18 weeks - I thought I was 17! My due date is still the same I just must not have been calculating right. The appointment was short and sweet. I got to hear baby's heartbeat again AND we got to schedule our ultrasound for 20 weeks. I am really looking forward to that and seeing how much baby has changed since our first ultrasound at 8 weeks. Doctor predicted a girl so we'll see :)

On Thursday, October 6th Greg and I closed on our first house!!!! As exciting as it was, it was still a bittersweet day. Moving into our new house meant leaving an apartment that we called home for over 2 years. Now I know what you are thinking - it was just an apartment. But in that apartment, Greg proposed to me, we celebrated our first Christmas together, hosted our first family Easter there, we found out I was pregnant there....just lots of good memories. And although we were terribly cramped for space there, we loved our neighbors, the staff, the amenities, the neighborhood....sigh. Obviously it'll be a place that will be greatly missed and never forgotten to us. 

So back to moving day - we finished closing at about 10:00. Greg and I decided to take a load of fragile things over before our friends/family came to help move. It was so strange to see the house completely empty and all ours. We immediately started thinking of different ways to arrange furniture and what elements of the house we wanted to fix up first. By 11:30-12:00, our first set of movers got to the apartment to help us load of the U-Haul. By about 3:00 we were all on our way to move in. Unloading took a lot less time! No one could believe how many boxes of things we had. And honestly I couldn't either. After having some lunch and taking a short break, we were all moved in by 5:00. We are so lucky to have such great family and friends that took time out of their day to help us move. 

The rest of the weekend consisted of lots of unpacking, upkeep and shopping. Our friend, Cole, came over on Friday to help Greg rip up the basement carpet while I began to unload everything. Cole stayed for awhile to help Greg also put together our new desk. I love when Cole comes over because Greg and him act like brothers with their weird jokes and ways they entertain themselves. I'm happy he has a friend like that. We also bought some new bedroom furniture, a new TV and lots of little maintenance things that we didn't need while living in the apartment. Man, the little things sure add up! We had a pleasant surprise on Saturday when our next door neighbors stopped over to introduce themselves and their puppy, Jack. I thought Greg was going to nuts over how cute the dog was - honestly at this point I think he'd take any kind of dog I let him. They were so nice and said they absolutely LOVE the neighborhood, which was so good to hear. 

Once this past Monday rolled around it was back to work and I was actually relieved to focus on something other than unpacking. But this week has been also been busy! I just feel like there aren't enough hours in a day.  This week Greg painted our bedroom, bleached the basement floors, we went to Old Chicago with friends for the Halloween Kick-Off Party and met Ari Wenzlick :)

 Some of our moving crew - the Erica, Ryker & Erika came later to check out the progress :)

Greg and Cole ripping out the carpet - We can't wait to fix up the basement! (And get rid of that weird art design down there) My goal is to have the basement ready for Greg's birthday so that he can watch a football game in the 'man cave' he has talked about since we bought the house.

Trying to pick out a paint color....

Ari Wenzlick - she was just precious.

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