Monday, October 31, 2011


Today I am 22 weeks along! Holy Moly!! I started to freak out a little bit last night because in 2 weeks I will already be in my third trimester. I feel so unprepared – we don’t have any baby furniture, bedding, toys, car seats, strollers….I haven’t taken any childbirth classes yet or even started doing my research on natural birth and breastfeeding. As happy as I am that we now have a house and space for when baby gets here, I feel as though cleaning and buying things for the new place has consumed most of my time lately.

We have started to buy some clothes though (hehe, imagine that) and this past weekend I found a new favorite store: Half Price Books. The store was clean, organized and full of gently used books. I bought 7 baby books for $30.00. And honestly who cares if they are new or not because once baby gets ahold of them they will be torn and full of slober and crusty food anyways. Greg and I are making it our goal to read more to baby at night. I want her to be able to recognize both of our voices and I think it will make Greg feel more involved with her pre-birth development J

Baby Haus is sure an active little thing. I feel her moving and kicking in the morning, after lunch, late afternoon and evening. Sometimes even when I first wake up she is up, too! I hope that is not an indication of her future sleeping habits! When we went in for our first ultrasound, the techs were amazed at how active she was – I felt a sense of relief when they said that. I still am not showing a whole lot so to know that everything is developing at a good pace was great. We also found out that I have a small cervix, which apparently is quite common but still a little worrisome. The nurse practioner said a short cervix could indicate pre-term labor so I need to watch how active I am and watch out for early contractions, backaches and cramping. I’m thinking this could be hereditary because she asked if my mom delivered any of us early (which she did). I feel so good though it’s hard to take it easy, maybe once I get closer to my due date things will change.

The house is slowly coming together – if anyone knows me they know that I have a hard time with change so being in a new place is taking me awhile to adjust.  New sounds, new spaces, new smells…all of that stuff keeps me up at night with anxiety. Even cooking in a different kitchen is weird to me. If you were to ask me a couple of weeks ago if I wanted to move back into our comfy little apartment my answer would’ve been ‘yes’.  I also think that part of it is that arranging and organizing the house is taking a lot longer than I pictured. It takes a lot of time to get things right AND costs a lot of money. Thank goodness Greg and I are blest to have families that have helped us out with some necessary items for the new place.

With everything that is going on in our lives, I am really looking forward to finishing up the house so once winter comes we can really take advantage of the quiet before things will change once spring rolls around. This week my Uncle Bill is coming to lay carpet in the basement, which was once of our big projects! I am excited because once he installs that then we can move our old furniture into the basement and get new stuff for upstairs and unpack our last boxes.

Finally found a color for our bedroom - gray!

This past weekend we celebrated Matt & Amy’s wedding – it was great! I loved her color scheme and the reception brought back memories of our wedding and how perfect the day was. There’s something about being surrounded by family and family celebrating a new chapter in your life that gives me goose bumps.  This next week is Jake & Jess’ wedding and Joe & Tracy’s wedding – both will be beautiful I’m sure.

In addition to weddings, we have also had friends popping out babies left and right! 5 babies in the past month! It is so much fun to meet all the little newborns. This past week we finally got to meet Hudson Gardner, who was just adorable (and has one of my favorite names ever). He was so relaxed and just loved to look at the lights and stare at Greg. Greg and I both held him for 2 hours! Greg even got to feed and burp him and felt pretty special. 

Yesterday, I got to meet Henry Wagner. I have been anxiously awaiting his arrival. Oh my he was just beautiful and was making the cutest little noises as I held him. I think he looks like a combination of Erika and Steve but of course they change so much. Meeting all of these babies is so much fun but I think the thing that excites me the most is seeing the proud parents and how much deeper of a bond they have. I can see it all of their eyes as we talk about their baby and the experiences that come with it. I love seeing all the new aspects of a new little family and I am so thrilled for that to be Greg and I.

21 Weeks Pregnant

Whose nose will baby have?? In the ultrasound, it looked like mine :)

Sara caught the bouquet!

Cutting the cake - which was delicious.

Baby Hudson

Baby Henry

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