Sunday, September 25, 2011

Packin On Up!

Greg and I move into our first house in t-minus 10 days...and the packing has officially begun. When we moved into this apartment two years ago, we barely had anything. Somehow over that time, we've managed to collect a whole bunch of CRAP. My husband is one to keep every single trinket he can get his hands on (which doesn't help our cause). When we were receiving wedding gifts from Pottery Barn, he kept every single little metal key that came on each package. When he gets a letter in the mail, he keeps every single empty envelope, coupon, etc. and piles them in one pile on the kitchen counter. "Organized clutter" is what he calls it...but why he keeps it all is a mystery. Oh the joys of married life :) I keep saying once we get into this house we are both going to get more organized so let's hope that happens.

The apartment in boxes...more to come.

This weekend was also Andrew Ryan's 2nd Birthday Party!  My highschool/college buddy, Sarah Sovereign, and her fiance invited friends and family over to watch Andrew open his gifts and then to watch the Husker game. Although it was a gorgeous evening, this morning I woke up with 56 mosquito bites on my legs (yes, I counted)! Andrew's party was pirate-themed and was absolutely adorable. I may have to copy that idea if we have a little boy :)

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