Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Very First Blog!

I am excited to start this blog for many reasons, one of which is to document all of the events and emotions that will take place over time. Since the journal thing didn't work out too well for me, I'm hoping this will! Now on to the good stuff...

This past weekend was packed full of fun! It all started on Friday night - Greg and I drove down to Lincoln to celebrate Kristin's 21st birthday. I cannot believe my sissy bear is 21!!! Seems like only yesterday I was celebrating mine up in Hastings. The whole Richter clan met down in the Haymarket and tried a new restaurant called Brix and Stones Gastropub. It was awesome! Everyone raved about their entrees. My dad wouldn't stop talking about how yummy the Bleu Chips were. For dessert, we tried the donut holes. I have become quite the dessert fiend lately and loved the donuts :) Greg and I then spent the night at my parent's house. We enjoyed catching up and, of course, playing with Charlie!

Pete, Kristin & Mom

Greg & Mom snuggling with Charlie!

Saturday night was our good friends, Jess and Jake's bachelor/bachelorette parties. The guys spent the day down at the Walz' studio playing poker, watching football, drinking and eating. The girls had a great evening out in the Old Market. I wasn't sure how long I'd last being the only sober one but I had a blast! I even danced at the Dubliner and had a shot of cranberry juice while everyone else had actual shots :) The night was a success!

Sexy bride with her new apron!

At the Dubliner...love it!

Then on Sunday I had one of my best friend, Erika's, baby shower! I am so excited to meet Baby Henry and watching her open all of her gifts made it feel like his arrival is right around the corner. We played some fun games and I ALMOST won the yarn-around-the-belly game except Erika's dad beat me - bummer! 

Erika's sister, Crissa, measuring the yarn HA!

Proud Mommy

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